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Are you a Medical Student? Being comfortable is important!

As a medical student, there is no doubt you are busy learning about the human body and how to diagnose and treat illnesses, being exposed to a wide range of medical specialties and being offered the opportunity to make a difference. In addition, you will most certainly have the chance to gain hands-on experience through clinical rotations and training a range of settings. This is where you will be given the chance to own and wear medical scrubs. Like most uniforms, being comfortable is essential, especially when you are on your feet a lot and can find yourself in all sorts of situations where hygiene is paramount.

The type of scrubs a medical student needs can depend on the specific requirements of the program or rotation. However, as a general guideline, here are some key things you should be aware of.

Basic scrubs: Medical students will typically need at least one set of basic scrubs that meet the dress code requirements of their clinical setting. Basic scrubs typically consist of a scrub top and pants, and importantly, should be made with lightweight, breathable materials.

Fit Right Medical Scrubs have designed all garments to feature this and more. Created for comfort, movement and most importantly to fit medical students in all the right places, consider ensuring your scrubs have moisture wicking features to keep you dry all day and anti-wrinkle material so you maintain that crisp look throughout your shift.

Colour: Before purchasing your medical scrubs, enquire about the specific colour you are required to wear. Sometimes there is a uniform colour of choice to be worn for consistency and sometimes there are colour requirements that determine an individual's role. It is important for medical students to check with their program or clinical site. If you are after "Charcoal Grey Medical Scrub Pant" "Burgundy Medical Scrub Pant" "Navy Medical Scrub Pants" "Black Medical Scrub Pant" "Royal Blue Medical Scrub Pant" or "Teal Medical Scrub Pants" these all are available in the range offered by Fit Right Medical Scrubs. And with a large size range from XXS to 4XL, we have you covered.

Pockets: Unless you know someone in the medical industry, you may not be aware that pockets are the best friend to all who wear scrubs. Scrubs with multiple pockets are extremely useful for all medical students and professionals. With a constant need to carry medical tools, devices and personal items including smart phones and ID badges, you can never have enough pockets.</li>

Comfort is paramount for all medical professionals, medical students included. Make sure that garments fit perfectly, do not gape or fall down and it is important to ensure that scrub pants and tops are not too large as the extra fabric can get in the way of manoeuvrability. Depending on the clinical setting, medical students may also need additional protective garments including scrub cap or even a face masks. As always check with the program or clinical site to see what, if any, requirements apply. For additional guidance, chat with the team at Fit Right Medical Scrubs to ensure you are equipped with everything you need.

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