Fit Right Medical Scrubs Accessories are a line of products designed to complement and enhance the functionality of the Fit Right medical scrubs. The accessories include items such as badge holders, compression socks and scrub caps.

Tips on How to Look Fashionable as a Health Worker in Brisbane and Queensland

As a healthcare worker, it is important to prioritise comfort and functionality on the job, whilst also striving to maintain a professional and put-together appearance.

Medical scrubs are a mandatory uniform, helping to protect health workers involved with patient care. Whether you are a nurse, surgeon, veterinarian or beautician, wearing what can be rigid, restrictive and one-size-fits-all clothing day in and day out can really impact your performance. The industry has come a long way recognising the importance of comfort and functionality in the design of medical scrubs allowing health workers to not only feel good but also look as fashionable as they can be, even during a night shift.

Here are some tips to looking fashionable as a health care worker in Queensland:

Mix and match:

Don’t be afraid to choose scrubs in a variety of colours and styles. Mix and match them to create a personalised and fashionable look. Can you imagine having the opportunity to wear medical scrubs in almost every colour you can dream of - pink, charcoal grey, black, burgundy, royal blue and teal! Not only is the range of scrub tops and pants offered by Fit Right Medical Scrubs designed to be interchangeable, but if you are feeling a little more game, when Christmas comes around Christmas in July! go all out with a Christmas scrub top.


It is not just colour that can add personality to your day. Consider incorporating some scrub accessories such as a scrub cap, a face mask or even a nurse pouch to your wardrobe.

Choose comfortable shoes:

Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes to wear with your scrubs, as you will likely be on your feet for long hours. Your workplace may have a required style so ensure you enquire first.

Add a scrub jacket to your wardrobe: A lightweight jacket or cardigan can be added over your scrubs for added warmth or a pop of style. Opt for one with plenty of pockets and a design that is created with an easy to wash and wear quality you can rely on.

Maintain good grooming:

It goes without saying that grooming is paramount. Keep your hair neat and tidy, wear minimal makeup, and ensure that your scrubs are clean and wrinkle-free.

Remember, while it is important to look professional, the primary focus should be on the comfort and functionality of your attire. Ensure that your scrubs fit properly, as ill-fitting scrubs can be uncomfortable and can also present a less professional appearance. Choose scrubs made from a breathable material, such as cotton, to help keep you comfortable during long shifts. Keep your scrubs clean, wrinkle-free, and free of any stains or tears. This helps to maintain a professional appearance and uphold the standards of the healthcare industry. 

If you are having difficulty choosing the right scrubs, consider asking a co-worker or supervisor for recommendations or chat to the team at Fit Right Medical Scrubs. We can help you choose the best fashionable scrubs for your needs.

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