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 Have you ever felt like your scrubs are more for show than actually useful?

That’s what led to the creation of Fit Right Medical Scrubs. There was a gap in the market for scrubs that fit right, were flexible and were able to help medical professionals fulfill their duties. The scrubs on the market were made from materials that hindered nurses from bending, squatting and reaching, which is a vital part of their role.

The creator of Fit Right Medical Scrubs used her 10+ years of fashion industry experience to help her sister out, who was a nurse. Her sister was constantly complaining about how her scrubs were uncomfortable, unflattering and generally terrible to wear. They started to search for scrubs that they were satisfied with and all the scrubs on the market fell short.

That led to the creation of a single scrub to help her sister. Her sister was so impressed that she suggested that the creator made more. Her sister managed to round up some co-workers who wanted to test them out. There was such positive feedback that the creator decided to take a risk and manufacture them.

Fast forward to 2023, Fit Right Medical Scrubs now caters for all medical professionals, including professionals for our four-legged friends, as well as releasing accessories to accompany the scrubs.

The mission behind Fit Right Medical Scrubs is to help out the medical professionals who help us everyday. No one should have to work AROUND their clothes to do their job. Our medical scrubs are made from elastic materials, they don’t ride up (or fall down) and they still provide coverage for your stomach when you reach up to grab medical supplies.

We have created some fashionable designs and they are flattering for all body shapes. We wanted to create a body-positive range of scrubs, so we have a range of sizes to fit everyone. 

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About Us at Fit Right Medical Scrubs, Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect scrubs for your needs and answering any questions you may have.   

They should not need to hitch their pants up before they bend over or to have their tops gape when performing patient rounds. These constant adjustments were a huge issue when it came to hearing her sister’s gripe with her scrubs.

It was the inconsistent sizes, the unbreathable fabric, and the exposure that finally made her decide to put her 10+ years of fashion industry experience into creating not only a uniform that was made for women’s bodies, but an entire lifestyle that provides comfortability, self-assurance, an overall sense empowerment!

We want YOU to Feel Good While Doing Good