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Buying new Scrubs in bulk? Here's how... Group and Team Orders

Whether you are looking to purchase new medical scrubs in bulk for yourself or for your workplace, you've come to the right place. Not only can Fit Right Medical Scrubs help service your unique requirements, the team can also offer a speciality service to personalise your scrub tops and jackets with your company logo.

There are plenty of benefits to buying scrubs in bulk. And if you were not convinced, here are a few:

Cost savings: In today's environment where everything just seems to be getting more expensive by the minute, we are always on the lookout for a way to save money. Buying medical scrubs in bulk can almost always result in cost savings. Fit Right Medical Scrubs offers discounts when purchasing larger quantities of scrubs which can help to lower the cost per garment. Ask us how!

Convenience: Buying scrubs in bulk can also work out to be a really convenient option instead of purchasing individual sets of scrubs over time. Especially when you find a pair of jogger pants or scrub pants that you just absolutely love and find yourself wearing more often than not. Ask around, you may find that others in your workplace are looking to purchase garments too so why not stock up on scrubs together and always have a clean set available when needed.</li>

Availability: Don't you just hate it when you buy something and love it and then find that it is out of stock when you go shopping again. The easy fix is to buy more than one. Perhaps you have opted to buy scrubs with a seasonal spin on them, like a Christmas scrub top, and know you'll be wanting something similar for the following year. Don't wait till the last minute only to be disappointed.</li>

Uniformity: Buying scrubs in bulk can always ensure uniformity amongst a team of healthcare professionals. This is especially important when you are purchasing garments for your workplace in a special colour and style.  This can also be helpful for identifying members, and can help to promote a sense of professionalism and consistency among the team.

Preparedness: It goes without saying that when you work in the medical industry you can never be too prepared. There will always be an instance where your scrubs become stained or contaminated and in emergency situation or during busy periods, having extra scrubs on hand are essential.

When the time comes to purchase new scrubs in bulk, remember, it is a relatively straightforward process. Determine the quantity of each colour you require including how many backup sets are needed. Ensure the quality offered by your supplier is up to your standard and where possible request samples to evaluate the durability before making a purchase. Make sure embroidery is considered early on too for that extra personal touch and don't forget to consult size guides to ensure the perfect fit.

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