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Curve and Plus Size Medical Scrubs

Curve and plus size scrubs

Finding the perfect scrubs can be challenging. Comfort, quality, affordability, style and functionality don’t always come as a package. And finding the right fit for your body size and shape can be a whole other challenge. But that’s where we can help. 

Our medical scrubs tick all the boxes. Catering for women of all sizes through from AU6-24 (XXS-4XL) you can find the right fitting scrubs to feel great all day, every day.

Ideal for busy doctors, nurses, veterinarians and cosmetic nurses, our plus size and curve medical scrubs are designed with comfort and modesty in mind. A high waisted wide band design allows you to feel reassured that you can bend, flex and stretch without a wardrobe malfunction. No riding down, no underwear on show, no worries.

So, what body shapes does our curve collection cater for?

Rectangle body shape

A rectangle body is when your shoulders, bust and hips are all similar dimensions and measurements. This body type is often also referred to as a ruler, banana or straight shape and is generally associated with athleticism. 

Inverted triangle body shape

A triangle body shape is when your body has larger proportions on the top than the bottom. It’s generally defined by shoulders and a bust that are wider than your waist and hips.

Apple body shape

An apple body shape is characterised by a large bust, narrow hips and full midsection.  

Hourglass body shape 

An hourglass body shape is defined by a narrower waist and a curvier and larger bust and hips.  

Pear shape 

The pear shape is the most common body type and comprises a high waist, wider hips and a narrower bust and shoulder. Unlike the inverted triangle or apple, the biggest part of the body is the stomach and hips. 

Measuring for your body type 

  • To get the most accurate body measurements, it’s best to strip down to your underwear
  • Measure around the area of your chest that is the fullest. Don’t over tighten the measuring tape 
  • Measure the smallest part of your waist - usually located just above your belly button and below your ribs 
  • Measure the widest part of your hips – usually around the crotch area 

These measurements will help you identify your smallest and largest areas, and subsequently, the body type that you are. 

Look no more

From the moment you arrive at work, to the moment you leave, we want you to feel your best. Your comfort is important to us, not your shape or size.

Our medical scrub uniforms fit in all the right places without being saggy and misshapen or tight and uncomfortable. Your search for the ultimate curve and plus size uniform is over. Our medical scrubs have got you covered. 

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