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Brisbane's Best Medical Scrubs

Whether you are shopping for your very first pair of scrubs or updating your current uniform, it can be hard to know where to shop for the best medical scrubs in Brisbane.

After all, the available range online is rather extensive and with so many options to choose from, including colours, it can be overwhelming. These tips will ensure you buy quality scrubs that suit your role, whether you are a nurse, veterinarian, doctor or beauty therapist.

What should I look for in a good scrub?

Premium fabric

Not all fabrics are the same. We know this all too well even with our regular day to day clothing. So when it comes to buying work ware, the material of choice that you’ll practically live in needs to be of the highest qualities with features that make your life that much simpler.

Look out for medical scrubs that are manufactured using premium anti-wrinkle, moisture wicking and anti-static fabric. Why? Because it is important you look and feel professional throughout your shift. Every shift. Uniforms also need to be easy to wash and quick to dry. Simple.

Functionality and convenience

We know that pockets are a huge drawcard and necessity for nurses. They always come in handy to house anything and everything from scissors to medical tools, gauze pads, pens and notepads - it's a lot! 

The more pockets you have, the more storage you have (and there's no doubt about how convenient their placement is too). Make sure your jogger pants have pockets to suit your needs.

Style matters

Not only should your scrub pants and tops be designed well, but they also should look and feel good. Style certainly does matter. Look to purchase medical scrubs that fit you perfectly and seamlessly. Just loose enough for ease of movement but tight enough to not impede. 

Tops should fit well across your shoulders. And no one wants baggy pants that droop or are a safety hazard if too long. Check out our recommended size guide, so your medical scrubs FIT RIGHT!

Buying scrubs is a decision that should not be taken lightly. At all times you'll need to respect the dress code in your particular industry and workplace, ensure hygiene is a priority and at all times, don't overlook the importance of comfort. If you have room to incorporate a little personality into your wardrobe, consider mixing and matching colours or styles of scrub pants and tops so that every day feels a little different to the last.

So where can you purchase medical scrubs in Brisbane that tick all of these boxes? Look no further than Fit Right Medical Scrubs. With years of experience and proudly Australian, we design scrubs using high performing fabrics paying careful attention to weight, finishings and quality.

We hope these tips are useful in choosing your next pair of scrubs. And if you are looking to help give your business a more unified professional feel, custom orders are available. Shop now, or contact our team to see how we can help you.

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