Caring for your Fit Right Medical Scrubs is as easy as three simple steps.

Caring For Your New Favourite Scrubs

So, you’ve finally found the perfect pair of scrubs, they’re ultra-comfortable and fit like a dream. Now, how do you make sure they last the distance? Fit Right Medical Scrubs are one step ahead, using only premium quality fabrics, our scrubs are designed for longevity and durability but, as always, a little TLC never goes astray. Read on for our top tips on how to care for your scrubs;

1. Cold Machine Wash

Keep those fun and vibrant colours as bright as the day you bought them by washing in cold water. For extra colour protection, add a dash of white vinegar to prevent the fabric dye bleeding and colour code your laundry loads – whites, lights, brights and darks – for the ultimate colour care.

2. Line or Tumble Dry

We know it’s not always possible, but we always recommend air drying inside-out. The soft, stretchy and oh-so comfortable fabric is best maintained by hanging on the line, but if the dryer is a must, tumble dry on a low heat. As with all clothes, minimising heat prevents any chance of shrinkage and will keep those fabric fibres in their best condition, while hanging inside-out prevents colour-fade from the sun.

3. Low Heat Iron

You’ve done a cold wash, a low (or no) heat dry and now, you’ve guessed it, we are going to keep things cool with the iron. Iron your scrubs on a low heat to preserve the fabric quality and colour. Top tip – after line drying your scrubs, hang them up or fold them down straight away. You should only need a light iron to get out the odd wrinkle or crease to achieve fresh-pressed perfection!


Okay, that’s great for a general wash, but what about stains?!

In a perfect world your scrubs would remain in pristine condition but, the reality is, that’s far from possible. First things first, before throwing your scrubs in the washing basket inspect for stains. It’s best to pre-treat these prior to your usual wash. Keep a stain stick or alcohol-based wipes handy at work to prevent a stain from setting in then wash as soon as you get home. For more serious stains, soak overnight in a colour-safe stain remover before washing as normal. 

Let’s talk about disinfecting…

For general day to day wear, adding a dash of white vinegar to your wash, using a mild anti-bacterial detergent, and hanging your scrubs in the sun to dry are simple and effective methods to kill germs and bacteria while maintaining the fabric quality.

Why you should feel good about giving your scrubs a little extra love

Taking the time to care for your scrubs means you can extend their lifespan and minimise the need for replacements. You can feel good about the money you’ll be saving by getting more wear from your scrubs and about lowering your environmental footprint by reducing textile waste. The longer we can wear our clothes, the more sustainable our wardrobes become, and for clothing as essential as work uniforms (like medical scrubs) small and simple changes can have a significant impact. 

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