Will we Fit Right into your business?

Our goal for Fit Right Medical Scrubs is to help the people who help us. Our nursing staff, veterinarian nurses and our other medical professionals spend hours on their feet, work double shifts and don't have the basic right to comfortable scrubs. And it’s 2022.

We want to provide flattering, comfortable clothing for our nurses that don’t ride up and fall down!

What is our difference?

  • They are designed in Australia, in consultation with nurses
  • Our scrubs are comfortable, flattering and fashionable
  • Our scrubs don’t ride up or fall down
  • They are made with premium materials
  • Our scrubs come in fun designs and expanding fast
  • Our products were tested and perfected before hitting the market

Why us?

  • We are a small Australian-run business. We have personally created, tested and sell our own items. We don’t have a large team, so when you contact us, you will speak to the same person. 
  • We are passionate about our business and passionate about the people who help us make our business possible.
  • We have a fast response time to enquiries and work personally with the manufactures ourselves
  • We pride ourselves with quality over quantity. We have spent years perfecting the materials, the stitching, the colours, the patterns, etc. 
  • We have proven sales and testimonials to back up our reputation

If you want to contact us, you can contact us.