Why It’s So Hard To Find Good Nurse Scrubs

Why It’s So Hard To Find Good Nurse Scrubs

It has been long told of how uncomfortable women’s scrubs can be – from fits that don’t suit your figure to material that makes you way too hot and sweaty in all the wrong ways.

Why is it so hard to find good quality scrubs for women medical professionals, especially considering how important our healthcare workers are? Currently, there are a variety of brands in Australia selling general scrubs for nurses, surgeons, beauticians, and other medical professionals, but how many are actually made for women and of premium quality?

Let’s take a look at the factors that makes it hard to find good women’s scrubs:

  1. Scrubs that just don't fit
  2. Irritable materials 
  3. Traditional scrubs don't last long

Scrubs that just don't fit

Traditional and unisex scrubs are not designed with cuts that consider the different shapes and body types of women. This makes it very hard to find a great pair of scrubs that suit your body shape – they are usually too loose or too tight, impacting the way you move about in the workplace. 

Irritable materials

Cheaper and low-quality scrubs are made with uncomfortable materials that irritate the skin after a long and hot day of work. These types of scrubs tend to retain moisture and heat, making you feel musty.

The fraying, the tearing, the colour fading is frustrating.

Traditional scrubs don't last long 

The last thing a medical professional, therapist or nurse needs to worry about is constantly buying new uniforms or scrubs. The cheaper and traditional scrubs in the market have, on average, less than 20 wears before they start to lose their shape and comfort. 

The mass scrubs brands have relied on bulk purchases and repeat purchases and have, over time, reduced the quality of their clothes. 

Scrubs need to be functional as well as durable, and our scrubs do just that.

So where does Fit Right Medical Scrubs come in? 

Now that we’ve taken a look at traditional scrubs, the question is – what can we do for you? 

At Fit Right Medical Scrubs we aim to raise the standard for women scrubs in Australia and have made it easy for you to find a good pair of medical scrubs. Our scrubs are made for women and designed by women, allowing for us to pinpoint the different struggles women experience when working long hours and being on their feet most of the day.

We have purposefully designed our women’s scrubs to fit a variety of body types and shapes, having features such as a tapered waist on our scrub tops and elastic waist bands in our pants. From fast-paced to strenuous and sweaty situations, we utilised an effective stretch fabric that optimises your mobility and keeps you sweat-free throughout the day. 

Now that we’ve made it easier for you to find good women’s scrubs, head over to our online store and check out our variety of women’s scrubs. However, before you do that here are some quick tips when choosing your scrubs! 

  • Make sure your scrub choices are in line with your hospital’s requirements for medical and nurse scrubs. Remember to double check these requirements
  • No requirements? Time to shop good quality scrubs. We offer a variety of colours including pink, teal, charcoal grey, burgundy and navy. If you really want to stand out, we also offer seasonal scrubs perfect for those keen to celebrate their holiday spirit. 
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