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Why Cosmetic Nurses Love Our Scrubs

It goes without saying that the field of aesthetics is growing rapidly with an ever-increasing demand for non-invasive procedures such as laser, body sculpting and cosmetic injectables. With cosmetic nurses employed in a variety of fields, it has never been more important to be afforded the opportunity of owning scrubs that perfectly suit the role.

Want to know why cosmetic nurses love our scrubs? Let me share a few secrets!

Scrubs have most certainly been a staple item of any nursing uniform throughout history. What started out as a rather rigid and formal dress, nurse’s cap, and pinafore apron, is now a well thought through, versatile uniform that suits both men and women alike. With nurse's scrubs now seen in almost every medical facility and offered in a range of colours, cuts and designs, cosmetic nurses have never had so much choice.

When you are required to wear a uniform for long shifts, it goes without saying that comfort is essential. Scrubs must also remain hygienic and be designed with a professional stance in mind. It is pretty safe to say that Fit Right Medical Scrubs not only have an extensive collection of cosmetic nursing scrubs worth your attention but being designed by Australian women, especially for women, we guarantee you will be able to create a working wardrobe to suit every single day.

Scrubs with functionality in mind

We know what nurses want and need in a uniform so when it comes to scrubs, we have functionality sorted. Complete with features including flattering necklines, plenty of handy pockets, tailored yet loose cuts and jogger pants that will never require constant adjusting, start by browsing our scrub size guide and ensure the fit is perfect for you. And if you are one who just cannot ever have enough pocket space, why not throw one of our custom designed Nurse Pouches into the mix.

The best features of our scrub tops and pants

Every single feature embedded into our garments is designed to compliment and never compromise functionality.

We guarantee to use:

- Premium quality anti-static stretch fabric

- Anti-wrinkle material with moisture wicking qualities

Our designs are always:

- Soft and comfortable to wear even on the longest of shits

- Super easy to wash and wear

- Available in a large range of sizes - XXS to 4XL

And, these aren’t the only benefits cosmetic nurses can enjoy. Our entire range of scrubs comes with our change of mind return policy giving you the peace of mind that you can shop with confidence. Plus, we also offer After Pay so you can buy now and pay later. You've got nothing to lose. Browse our range of nurse scrubs and pants, mix and match colours, styles and designs and have your new wardrobe in the post to you within 24 hours.

Cosmetic nurses love our scrubs and you will too.  With dozens of 5-star reviews on all our designs, you can shop with confidence and put a little extra spring in your step when you next arrive to work.

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