Winter scrubs

Wearing Scrubs in Winter

Winter is coming! Is your wardrobe ready for it?

After so many months of warm weather, it is always difficult to imagine that we are ever going to feel cold again, that's in Australia at least! Whilst we don't have a very cold or very long Winter it is always still something to be prepared for. Unfortunately, it's not all about nice coats and fashionable fits, for the most part it is our work wardrobes that need a freshen up this time of year.

Here are our two top tips for getting through Winter at work:

1. Jogger pants!

Our jogger pants are our number one recommendation for getting through the Winter! Whilst regular scrub pants are long and provide a general level of warmth, the jogger pants are the next step up. The slimming design of the leg helps to keep in your natural body temperature as well as the fabric composition which includes polyester, a fabric that is good for trapping the heat. However the best feature is the cuffed ankles which ensure that no cool air enters up through the floor and paired with socks, will leave no skin exposed to the elements. What's not to love!

To make it even better, we want to let you in on a cheeky little secret. Our jogger pants are also unisex! We understand that whilst our products are "Designed by women, for Women" there are also men out there that need scrubs that "Fit Right" too. That's why our Jogger pants are also perfect for men.

2. Add a lightweight, versatile jacket!

At Fit Right Medical Scrubs, we have the perfect Winter offering. Our jackets are lightweight yet warm and perfect for wearing indoors and out. Whether it's the cool aircon in the office/hospital or its chilly getting to and from your car, these jackets are perfect for it all. They are available in our two most versatile colours, black and navy which can be paired back with any scrubs in your wardrobe. Stock is limited and won't last so make sure you purchase your Winter jacket as soon as possible to get you through the season. 

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