The Best Scrubs for Veterinarians

The Best Scrubs for Veterinarians

Every day for a veterinarian is different and after a full day of treating animals it is important to know that your scrubs are up to the challenge. Having the right uniform is essential. To help you shop online and source the best scrubs on the market, we have highlighted the key features that we believe you should consider. Let's take a look:

Colour: Scrubs that help disguise stains

The unpredictable nature of a vet's job almost always leads to being covered in animal drool or worse still, stains that are hard to treat. These things happen. Whilst stains are unavoidable, when it comes to selecting your uniform for the day, consider opting for medical scrubs that are made of darker fabric shades. <a href="">Black</a>, charcoal or even royal blue scrubs are excellent at preventing stains from showing which will give you that little bit more self-assurance as you go about your day.

Pockets: Scrubs that hold everything!

You can never have enough pockets; that goes without saying. Whether you fill yours with pens, sneaky animal treats or your trusty mobile phone, pockets are admittedly a key part of any veterinarian’s scrubs. Whilst most uniforms offer some options to house your essentials, we believe we have designed ours with features that are hard to beat. Our scrub pants come with two side leg pockets and two hip pockets and our jogger pants even have two leg pockets with zips. Deep enough and easy to access, all our pants are designed to hold your everyday essentials securely and safely.

Comfort: Scrubs that fit like a glove

Nothing can impact your day like ill-fitting clothing and when you’re busy focusing on treating Toto or comforting Fido’s owner, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your scrubs. Fit Right Medical Scrubs are not only Australian made, but they are designed with comfort in mind. Whether you opt for a classic medical scrub pant or a jogger scrub pant, matched with a super comfy top of course, you’re already on a winner.

Did you know that our joggers even come with an adjustable drawstring waist?

Safety: Scrubs that are the perfect fit

We already know that your choice of colour, comfort and the usefulness of a Veterinarian's scrubs are essential elements to consider, but so too is their safety. When it comes to style, don’t overlook length. Excess fabric can be a trip hazard and scrubs that are too short, well, they just do not look professional at all. Inconsistent sizes are a thing of the past when you shop for scrubs online. Shop knowing that you are not only purchasing the best scrubs in Brisbane, but also scrubs that won't pose any safety issues.

Remember, the best veterinarian scrubs come in all shapes and sizes and are designed and created with comfort, durability and style in mind. Look for a brand that offers a wide range of scrubs to suit your needs. Get your veterinary uniform today. Visit Fit Right Medical Scrubs. Designed in Australian you can shop with confidence.

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