Jogger Scrub Pants - BACK IN STOCK

Jogger Scrub Pants - BACK IN STOCK

Jogger Scrub Pants - BACK IN STOCK

When you think of scrub pants, you typically think of the standard run of the mill straight leg pant that almost everyone in the medical industry has in their wardrobe. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However if you are looking for an alternative, jogger scrub pants are it!

If you’ve never heard of jogger scrub pants or perhaps you have but don’t yet own a pair, you are in for a pretty big surprise. Fit Right Medical Scrubs not only design and manufacture a large range of jogger scrub pants but after HUGE demand, they are back in stock!

Let’s have a closer look at why jogger pants are going to be part of your new go-to medical uniform.

Aside from their amazing comfort and function, one of the main benefits of jogger scrubs is that they look great. Yes, we understand that it is not all about fashion when you are wearing medical attire however there is definitely a link between our mental health and our workday productivity. If we can wear an approved uniform that make us feel good on the inside and out, especially when we are faced with a long nightshift, it's got to be a good idea.  Whether you're having a rare moment sitting at a computer or running around the hospital floor, jogger scrubs are designed to keep you looking sleek and professional.

Just like fashion trends that see our regular day to day clothing styles change overtime, scrub fashion has a way of evolving. And rightly so. These days you’ll find even more nurses and healthcare professionals turning to athletic scrub jacket, scrub tops and jogger scrubs as staples in their closet.

Their design is different to your traditional straight leg pants. They are casual and more tapered pants, featuring:

  • full-length pant design with elasticated jogger style ankle cuffs,
  • straight cut leg with wide waistband with adjustable drawstring,
  • two side pockets and two leg pockets with zips, and
  • manufactured with durable high-quality stretch fabric.

When it comes to wearing scrubs with a more athletic look and feel, it is even more important to ensure the material used is going to breathe. Fit Right Medical Scrubs understands this. Our use of moisture wicking fabric ensures you keep dry all day. They are also anti-wrinkle so no more ironing. The lightweight, anti-static fabric allows for easy wash and wear and all you need to do is decide what colour you prefer. Offered in a large size range from XXS to 2XL, all jogger pants can be worn with any of our scrub tops as they are designed to mix and match.

Jogger scrubs are more than a fashion trend.  They are here to stay. If you are a medical professional and looking for an alternative to your one-size-fits-all scrubs, inject a little personality into your professional getup with the latest offerings. Our clients love Charcoal. But then again, we love them all…navyblackpurplemaroon, light blue and Caribbean.

What’s your favourite? Let us know!

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