It's Summer Time! Need to know how to choose a fresh set of new Scrubs?

It's Summer Time! Need to know how to choose a fresh set of new Scrubs?

Choosing a fresh set of new scrubs for summer can be a bit different from choosing scrubs for other seasons. But it doesn't necessarily need to be. You can create a wardrobe that will suit all weather when you purchase a range of mix and match garments that are all designed with one thing in mind. Comfort. Medical professionals choose to wear lightweight, breathable clothing to help keep them cool and comfortable during long shifts.

If you are looking to expand your medical wardrobe over the summer months and are not quite sure where to start, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Medical scrubs fabric

Choose a lightweight, breathable fabric that will keep you cool during hot summer days. Consider buying scrubs with moisture-wicking properties to help keep you dry. Surprisingly this feature alone is not available in all scrubs on the market so seek out a design that embeds this as a core feature. Opt for uniforms that allow air circulation and reduce the amount of sweat that your skin is exposed to. 

Lightweight construction of scrubs is also paramount. Choose uniforms that won't add any extra weight or bulk making it easier to work in hot conditions. Let's not forget the anti-wrinkle qualities too. So much easier to wash and wear without having to iron daily. Don't you agree?

Consider the colour of your scrubs

Bright and cheerful colours can help lighten up your work wardrobe during the summer months. Whilst each medical workplace will have its uniform regulations and each professional required to typically wear a colour suitable to their role, where possible, consider choosing pastel or bright colours, or opt for a fun print. Light-coloured scrub tops with short sleeves are a common go to. They are most suitable for summer as they allow for maximum air circulation and keep you cool. Add a pair of scrub pants or joggers into the mix in a range of colours and you've got plenty of combinations to see out your weekly shifts.

Scrubs that fit perfectly

When the weather warms up, it is always important to look for scrubs that are relaxed or loose-fitting. There is nothing more uncomfortable during the heat of summer than having clingy, restrictive clothing that not only irritates but can impact you on the job. Look for scrub pants with a relaxed fit and an elastic waist, qualities that suit your particular job and a size that suits your body shape.

Fit Right Medical Scrubs have created the ultimate scrubs' size guide ensuring you can find the perfect fit.

It's important to keep in mind that workplace dress codes may dictate specific requirements, such as colour, length of sleeves and other details. It's best to check with your workplace before purchasing a summer medical uniform. And if you are seeking out a service to custom design scrubs with your unique logo, our scrubs' embroidering service is quick and easy and will match your company's logo colours, size and design. For competitive corporate rates, fast dispatch and marketing and promotion collaborations on offer, contact the team today.

Above all, remember, comfort is key when choosing a uniform to wear in the summer.

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