Best Tips to Choose the Right Medical Scrubs

Best Tips to Choose the Right Medical Scrubs

Choosing the appropriate clothing is the first step in looking stylish. Your scrubs should look good to project the right message to your patients as your professional uniform. It's also critical that they're comfortable and allow you to move freely since you'll be wearing them all day long.

Here are the main keys considerations to bear in mind:


Your scrubs should be comfortable while still allowing you to move freely.

Because manufacturers use different sizing charts, I don't think you'll fit into the same size as you usually do. Take your size and check the brand's sizing charts before purchasing your scrubs to be safe. If you're between sizes, we recommend going up a size.

If buying online, look for authorised local distributors or a firm return policy in your region. This will aid with simple exchanges if the size is incorrect. 


Select clothes that match your body's natural form.

If you have a shorter torso, wearing low-rise scrub pants with a longer top will create the illusion of expanding your upper body.

What if you have a longer torso and shorter legs? Cropped tops or platform shoes are out of the question in a medical setting, but high-waisted pants or a flowing scrub top that reaches hip height are always an option.

Flared bottoms balance out your lower body if your shoulders are more comprehensive than your hips. Wear a light top with a more structured or slim-fit pant style for an A-line silhouette.

If you have a rectangle shape, accentuate your body's natural curves by adding volume to the top or bottom. Put on a more form-fitting scrub top if you go for a flowy, flared look at the bottom. Wear skinny scrub pants or joggers if you want a more voluminous top.

Scrub Fabric

The fabric for your scrubs significantly impacts how well they drape over your body, whether structured or fluid, and the overall level of comfort and stretchability.

In general, buying scrubs containing a little spandex (about 3-4%) gives the cloth more flexibility. However, too much spandex might result in scrubs that stretch out and lose their form over time.

Choose a scrub suit with polyester if you want something more laid-back. If you prefer a more structured look, go for polyester scrubs with a higher proportion of the material. This cloth is ideal for resisting stains and wrinkles while adding durability to your scrub suit.


Your hospital's policy largely determines this. Some institutions give their employees a lot of freedom when selecting their clothes. Others require each ward to wear a distinct colour for easy recognition.

The same goes for undergarments, robes, or other clothes you wear over or beneath your scrubs. The colours of any scrub jacket or undershirts should match your scrub top. Neutrals also look great.


Always consider comfort, sizing, cut/design, fabric, and colour when selecting scrubs. With so many different options on the market, you'll indeed find a scrub suit that fits your needs and personal style.



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